To help those who open their own business, create favorable conditions for business development, provide…

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What does “effective inventory management” mean?
Let us analyze this phrase in parts: stocks, management, efficiency. Inventories (stocks - eng.) -…

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Rubik's Cube in Counseling
Training, as a tool, relates to training counseling. From the point of view of the…


Career in audit and consulting
For quite a long time, analysts have seen a steady growth in demand for specialists…

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consulting services

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The informal venture capital market consists of private investors who invest their personal financial resources in new and growing small firms. They are called “informal investors”, or “business angels” (business angels).
Much less is known about this market than about the activities of venture funds. One of the significant differences between venture capital companies and business angels is that the former manage other people’s funds while the latter invest their own funds.
Most business angels are successful entrepreneurs who have significant experience in developing their own business. A smaller part are highly paid specialists in large companies, such as top managers, consultants, lawyers, etc. Continue reading


What is needed to bring the company to a leading position in its market segment? What makes it possible to stand out from the standard list of similar similar proposals? Answers to these and other questions – in this article.
Today, in order to bring the company to a leading position in its market segment, managers realize that we need unconventional moves, innovative products and a not trivial offer to the market. It is thanks to this that one can stand out from the standard list of heaps of similarity and similar sentences.
People who are “at the helm” of companies are well aware of the importance of ideas in business development. If the manager is truly a leader, then business will not stagnate and monotony threatens. Continue reading

Rubik’s Cube in Counseling

Training, as a tool, relates to training counseling. From the point of view of the subject of counseling, it is aimed at solving the problem set by the client. The object of counseling is a person, more precisely, a group of persons. The ideology of the training approach is based on the fact that the person is the main actor of the organization and, accordingly, his problem can be solved through his training. At the same time, the client, in most cases, determines the “place” that requires treatment, assuming that he is supposed to know better. Thus, the client’s problem is considered “pointwise” – where it hurts, it is treated there, without going into an analysis of the causes of such pain. For example, a company wants to be helped to develop a strategy; accordingly, training on strategy is provided. Or there is a client’s desire to increase sales, then training is conducted on relevant topics. Continue reading

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Improving the company's business processes
What is a company (enterprise, organization, institution): a set of structural units (departments, divisions, bureaus,…


How to activate the employee. Motivation through communication
And capable, and hardworking, and the company loves, and has long been working ... The…