Business and Law. Features of the national market for consulting services
Today, in the face of fierce competition and a decrease in consumer demand, the market…

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How do you assess the investment component of Ukraine as a country with a market…

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What is needed to bring the company to a leading position in its market segment?…


Tales of Consulting Tribes
The development of the consulting services market goes through the same stages as other business…

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company’s affairs

Types of financial consulting – 3 main types

In the international and Russian practice of consulting services, several varieties of financial consulting are used.
Consider the three most popular and popular types of advice.
Type 1. Training Consulting
The customer receives from consultants useful information that helps to put into practice new forms of financial control. Knowledge is transmitted in the form of trainings, less often thematic lectures.
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What is financial consulting

Biblical wisdom teaches: “There is no prophet in his own country.” Attached to the business, this phrase takes on a special meaning. Company employees are almost always critical of changes coming from within.
There are common situations when management attempts to change the existing state of affairs at an enterprise stumble upon a reinforced concrete barrier of rejection, worsen the psychological climate in the collective and destroy the corporate spirit.
Another reason why independent attempts to improve the structure of a business are failing is the elementary lack of necessary knowledge and skills of full-time employees.
In such a situation, the invitation of third-party specialists seems to be the most reasonable and expedient way to solve the problem. Experienced consultants invited from the outside take on the functions of impartial arbitrators who understand the company’s affairs in an unbiased, sober and competent manner. Continue reading