The informal venture capital market consists of private investors who invest their personal financial resources in new and growing small firms. They are called "informal investors", or "business angels" (business…

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The company N. was formed. Almost perfect conditions at the start. The company has a separate line in the country's budget for the purchase of resources from producers. Delivery by…

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Technology for effective marketing pricing "How to"
The name and content of this module reflects several ideas based on an understanding of the role of pricing in achieving the highest economic goals of an enterprise related to…

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Learn what is first needed in business to maximize net profit.

Learn and learn what is needed in business.
In the article “Who needs effective stock management, and why,” a non-fiction story was told about the low efficiency of an industrial enterprise in terms of net profit, largely due to inefficient management of material resources. The nonfictional story eventually got its continuation.
The head of the department of material and technical supply (DL) of this enterprise was trained on the open training module “Basics of effective inventory management” How to “. In the process of his training, I became aware of new details about the logistical situation of this enterprise, which have a significant impact on the management of material resources. Continue reading

Practical sense to know the basics of effective entrepreneurship

Stocks love an individual approach to themselves, as money loves silence, and people have an individual, suitable system of motivation.
The object of management in logistics inventory management is SKU. Pay attention to the abbreviated English designation of the nomenclature position, which is written in capital letters. This is a way to show what is central or significant in this area of ​​management, a way to draw attention to a key management object. Continue reading

Modern enterprise logistics and its functions

To begin with, how to determine the level of development of its logistics achieved by a specific enterprise, since the article will deal with the logistics of a modern enterprise.
Perhaps you are interested to know is your enterprise advanced or has it lagged behind for 50 years? From this depends largely on the prospect of the company to continue its activities or to be destroyed in a competitive war in the coming years. Who destroyed? Of course, more successful competitors and “hands” of consumers who are not satisfied with the quality level of the logistics service of your enterprise.
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Individual written consulting from Business Consulting

The service “Individual written counseling” is one of the services provided by the company “Business Consulting Igor Chugunov.” The content of this service is related to the provision (sale) to the customer of a textbook, authored by business consultant Chugunov Igor Ivanovich, under the program of any of the open training modules (section “Training programs and their modules”).
Valuable learning text and visualizing its drawings (diagrams, tables, diagrams) of the textbook are printed on A4 paper and stitched with a special plastic spring and covers into a readable textbook of 150 … 220 sheets depending on the topic. Continue reading

Competent financial consulting is the key to your business success.

Competent financial consulting is the key to the success of your business. A talented manager must first be able to track the cash flow of his business.
Consulting It is only worth a little distraction and funds begin to flow through your fingers. Of course, in order to track financial flows competently, a well-functioning, clear system of financial management is necessary. Such a system guarantees the stability of the company, as well as the ability to continuously assess further development.
However, to create a working financial system, you need to work hard. Continue reading

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In any business, communication skills and negotiation skills are difficult to overestimate. Professionals know that the greater the "polarity", the distance from the common goal, the more difficult it is…


Opening a company in the UK
Law Firm will provide you with full legal support for your UK business. Doing business requires certain legal and financial knowledge. Our experts will help you find a company in…


Learn what is first needed in business to maximize net profit.
Learn and learn what is needed in business. In the article “Who needs effective stock management, and why,” a non-fiction story was told about the low efficiency of an industrial…