The reasons for the financial crisis in an enterprise can be both a general market downturn, an incorrectly chosen development strategy, and inefficient management work. Regardless, universal tools can be…

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Effective management of the sales department of the enterprise.
Forecast revenue from sales of products for the item position is equal to the product of the forecast of the average consumer demand for the company's products and the plan…

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Practical sense to know the basics of effective entrepreneurship
Stocks love an individual approach to themselves, as money loves silence, and people have an individual, suitable system of motivation. The object of management in logistics inventory management is SKU.…


Opening a company in the UK
Law Firm will provide you with full legal support for your UK business. Doing business requires certain legal and financial knowledge. Our experts will help you find a company in…

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optimal increase


How do you assess the investment component of Ukraine as a country with a market economy?
Despite a certain political and macroeconomic instability during the last two years, the prospects for investing in Ukraine have noticeably increased. The signing of a protocol on mutual access to the markets for goods and services from the United States effectively ensured Ukraine’s membership in the WTO, which will significantly increase the country’s investment attractiveness. The abolition of the US Jackson-Vanik amendment removes the previously existing restrictions on the markets for credit resources, investments and the export of goods and services. In 2006-2007, only due to this, an increase in exports by at least $ 2.2 billion and foreign investments by $ 1.2 billion is predicted. Continue reading

Types of financial consulting – 3 main types

In the international and Russian practice of consulting services, several varieties of financial consulting are used.
Consider the three most popular and popular types of advice.
Type 1. Training Consulting
The customer receives from consultants useful information that helps to put into practice new forms of financial control. Knowledge is transmitted in the form of trainings, less often thematic lectures.
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Technology for effective marketing pricing “How to”

The name and content of this module reflects several ideas based on an understanding of the role of pricing in achieving the highest economic goals of an enterprise related to the optimal increase in net profit, positive net cash flow and the market value of the enterprise.
First, it is a technology, i.e. a logical sequence of actions leading to the achievement of the goal: the creation of effective pricing for the company’s products. Practical pricing or pricing “As is” is often a continuous experiment to find the most optimal price, and on Monday the company thinks about increasing sales by reducing prices, and on Thursday recalls the need to increase profits by increasing prices. Continue reading

How financial consulting activities are carried out - 7 main stages
As with any other complex intellectual process, consulting is a long and phased procedure. Preliminary stage - the choice of a consulting company. You need to choose a company as…


Opportunities and threats for Russian capital in Ukraine
Recently, the situation around Russian business in Ukraine has been artificially inflated by information in the media about the threat of confiscation of Russian assets in response to the nationalization…